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This page shows all those experiences that we go through. Thats a lot.

Now you may think that everything is an experience, but you have to have a keen eye to know if you've just had an experience.

Most people have an experience every day, maybe 2 or 3, sometimes 7 or maybe 8! It all depends on that day.

Dramatic recallations of the experiences will be used to increase the readers enjoyment whilst reading.

21st September

Ohh ooh! We have a new friend!!

I can't remember it's name though

13th September

During Maths, we decided to list our friends in the order we discovered them. Here is the list (there's only three at the moment, we are yet to find more)

friend 1 : man who played cricket with us
friend 2 : man who gives jonni coffee in brighton for free
friend 3 : bentley's bcg jab

11th September 2005
Well as for yesterday it brought me some good racing in the form of motorbikes and fast cars, which is a coincidence due to the fast that im listenig to that song, the ferrari f50 was particulary impressive, i also chuckled at the aston martin owner who is gunna brake his wonderful machine trying to get out of his parking space. the seating was uncorfortable but worth it.
i played lozza at air hockey which kicks ass, i beat him in the furious game which left fraser with a puk in his belly. in the eveing i went to the film store with selective members of the shoreham crew, we spent half an hour choosing a film, we had seen literally all the good films, we came to the conclusion we watch to many films and the store people agreed, we settled on the wildcard choice The Machinist, a very good phycological thriller horror.
 it was very entertaining and confusing, we left chris's house at 1:00 am and i went to lewis's house, we got scared on the way by a guy following us and weird noises, we went and watched Rambo 3 it prooved to be very entertaining s we expected, Rambo is very good.

11th Spetember

Yesterday brought us Brighton Speed trials which we managed to acquire uncomfortable seats upon a railing and spectate quick cars approach a finish line at a high velocity! It was cool!

We also had a game of crazy golf. The scores were as follows

1st : Jonni, 18holes in 47 shots
2nd : Mark, 18holes in 51 shots
3rd : Fraser, 18holes in 52 shots
4th : Stuart, 18holes in 62 shots !!!

You see, i thought it was high scores that win but aparantly its low scores that win. I really let myself down on hole 15, where it took me 8 shots to actually hole one. Sigh, Jon will always attain a higher score at sports than me.

8th September 2005
Well today didn't contain many experiences, i tried out lightly squeezing Bentley again, but a good hard squeeze just does the job better, we launched a rocket in science, which led to a firedrill, you would think the rocket.... but no. It was planned, i even knew it was 10:35, people were standing outside holding sheets, i was very unimpressed, would the school really be able to predict a fire then write our forms on sheets and get the registers outside? for definate negative! not really a practice really, just a waste of valuable rocket letting off time. and what if the registers got burned? well... noone would know anything, it left me wondering how hard to squeeze Bentley next. i decided on a moderate to mild squeeze, and ate an apple it was very nice, 83 for that matter. oo and me and stu were asking people to come with us on saturday, we judged on there enthusiasm, were glad to have loz, ed, mark, me, stu and a potential daryll. others failed the test and we walked off, again disgruntled.
A good day to all!

Tropicana Game Sounds!

7th September,


It has come to our attention that the phrase and term 'squeeze' is becoming more common in modern society.

Just last night, an advert came on, Tropicana Juice, and apparantly that juice was gently squeezed. I liked this very much, as did Jon.

In Costa, they are promoting freshly squeezed juice. This must be juice that is squeezed in fresh environments, such as mountains or the Lake district.

Just yesterday, a teacher became familiar with the popular term. Upon entering the classroom, our teacher explained that as we were such a large class, it would be "a bit of a squeeze". Joyeus!

My last example of the term being used in todays world, is from todays maths lesson. Jon suggested that Bentley deserved a squeeze, after he had been naughty. I suggested to Jon while he was squeezing Bentley, that he tries a gentle squeeze. He did so, and now we can happily call Bentley "Gently Squeezed Bentley."

I just realised this pun right now and am ecstatic with it.


5th September 2005
I have emailed subway back, it goes like this,
Sorry i haven't replied sooner but my internet has been down, the Subway store i visited was in Brighton, but i cant find out which road it is on, its a main road, thats as far as i can say, i will look into it further if needed.
My address is :
Thanks, Jon
4th September 2005
My internet has been down, thanks Ntl, you make getting on the internet a challenge, i challenge which i succeded at and failed it must be said many a time! Yesterday i played hockey in the blazing heat but the highlight of the day was definately the free inflatables such as a bouncy castle and that inflatable with 2 platforms where you hit each other off with big squishy sticks, good fun! all free of charge, except you had to sign a disclaimer, to prevent us sueing the school/ hockey club. being altenative i didnt.i got sunburn on my face, perhaps as a way of getting even.         BUT today is where it all happened! i got invited to a cricket match with the Blackadder family! what fun i had! we played cricket very well and both me and S got wickets, we met a guy we named friend, the irony is that he wasn't! when it came to batty we got out 3 times! which meant we lost 30 points, but we battled back and got 32 runs! a winning score of 2! go us! meanwhile all hell was breaking loose, a crazy guy and his friend had stole my cricket bat! and were playing nearby, we got it back and i could bnot work out whether or not the damage was mine or the crazy guys fault, perhaps i should have said it was him and got money, looking back i feel foolish for letting him get away with an apology. while the bat was on the floor a dog peed on it, grr, so i stole more cake as compensation, a great day! school tomoz:( oh well its all an experience!
My plant is hanging on by 4 stalks making a half hearted recovery in intensive care...   Laters...
3rd September 2005.

I have tried a new flavour of Ben and Jerries. This must be added to the ratings page! Today wasn't really one of those days where there are many experiences. I'd say that my sunglasses breaking, death and departure is an experience, a bad one at that.
Maybe one day, my DIY skills will resurrect my eye strain prevention apparatus, and you will see them again.

Also, i was swimming in the songs of a new band today, they are called Beulah. If you were to know them, it would be from the OC soundtrack.

Oh, for those of you wondering, I probably have been sent a reply from Subway, but I misplet my email address (i put .com and not so they have sent my apolegetic reply to not me. Its floating around in space somewhere... Good one Stu


Thursday 1st Setmeber 2005 20:40
This day began well, infact as it began i was still wondering freely around feilds in georges farm, it was great fun, but upon vaulting a fence i positioned myself very unfortunately in some stinging nettles, both arms and face and neck are stung to pieces, my top lipgot a couple of stings to and it was noting more than agony, except not so much. As i began to want to sleep around 4am me and stu modified a mraquee to sit very low and gave a good atomosphere, but we started playing a game in which someone selects a word and you must contruct a sentance and that word must be siad very loudly! This was apparently quite annoying but we ignored the complaining on the basis that we were having fun, with such words as RADISH, and various other words, sending us in fits of the *giggles*. Our fellow campers were now angry and we had stuff thrown,at us, but due to poor throw and aim and very good contuction of our marquee we avoided being hit. we decieded to be quiet and stu wanted to go for a bounce and disapperared off somewhere, we all ended up sleeping round the fire, very good fun. To wake me up i went for a dip in the pool it was very pleasant and had a wail of a time. i wasnow very tired and returned home with richard ian and fell asleep in his car, and forgot to tell them directions to my house so we went the wrong way!, i have since had 3 bowls of crunchy nut cornfalkes to fill hunger and  the best cheese and pickle toastie ever!
my plant is still very much dead, bar a few surviving leaves and stalks. it has been moved to the bathroom for intensive care.
Keep on Truckin'!
Wednesday 31st August 2005 15:16

Upon realising that tonight we will not be home to edit SJ experience at all, I must do a quick evaluation of expereinces occured today. Well i haven't seen Jonni today so i don't know his experience, but i learnt how to make a mean ham and tomato pasta, and I think if i am ever in an experience that requires me to make pasta (or die) i will now be able to survive this experience and live to tell the tale.


Wednesday 31st August 2005 16:05


Upon also realising that I will not be about tonight due to this funky shindig, I must write about my experiences of the day, I woke to find that the plant that moves when you poke it has died....a sad sad day for me, and the plant, most likely due to the over poking of it, or the lack of water it has received, plant man I am deeply sorry, anyone knows how to revive the little guy I would like to know, I then proceeded downstairs and put together papers, and BADGERED my sister to get me alcohol, she refused due to the hot weather and exclaimed that she couldn't be bothered, but I did the dishwasher and she got me some, success!! I really have to do my paper round now, then make my way to the party. A fairly sorrowful day due to the plants death, it pains me to see the leaves falling off, but perhaps the party will definitely improve the day. I would also like to note I have received a response from Subway, reading like this:


Dear Sir,

 Could you please furnish us details of the town and location of the Subway store that gave you poor service. Your address would also be of some help .


Best Regards


QSR Development

Development Agent South Coast


I like being called sir, and I will reply tomorrow on my return home, bye everyone!

An extra note, I made a mean crunchy nut cornflakes breakfast...and lunch....and possibly dinner, it was scrumptious!



This picture gives this exp. a visual input

Tuesday 30th August 2005

Today we searched here and there for opportunities that could somehow develop into an experience. Quite early on in the day we spotted one. A buoy, bobbing around on the beach, quite far away from land. We thought it would be an experience if we swam to it.

So, emily, abi, richard ian, jonni and i started to swim to this buoy, which we had thought was not a great distance away. Sadly it was, and we got tired, and swam back.

It was obviously not meant to be, but when a new experience waved itself infront of our faces, we leapt at the chance to fulfil it. Richard ian had chinese rice on his bare bare belly. We licked it up because of our ravenous hunger for food and experiences.

We left our plate (richard ian) rather sticky. :D


Monday 29th August 2005

An experience in itself was a small game of 3 and in, a football game that we modified to 2 and in, due to the proffessionality of Jons goalkeeping responsibilities.
(three long words = prize for me)
It was an experience due to the fact that it was completely exhausting, and that I (stuart) lost.

Monday 29th August 2005

A bad experience was administered to stu and myself, the place involved, Subway, possible our fabourite dining place has given us a bad experience, we never thought this would happen, but we will continue to eat here and we hope you do to, the best food possible in the world.  But we were so displeased we have decided to complain and wil share our complaints with you. We will keep you posted on their responce, we will also wait eagerly for the reply and sincerly hope justice will be served!


I am a frequent customer, going to subway at least once a week, but yesterday, i asked for a white chocolate cookie, and after my sandwich i ate this and i found that it contained nuts, i did not know that it would because it didnt say anywhere, so i went up to the counter and asked about it and the lady serving simply said that i should have asked and did nothing to help, when we went to buy the sandwiches originally, the service i recieved was good but when i said i was with my friend getting the 2 meals for 6 meal it was quite rude when she said you should make it clear when you are having this deal in an unpleasant tone, i recieved bad service that i havent recieved anywhere before and this dipleased me, until recently i would prefer to go to subway due to the high quality food and good service, but im not sure whether i will now, me and my friend were unhappy with this experience at Subway.

Jon Easingwood

Mine, Stus went as follows! Both oif us are very proud of our work

When i purchased a cookie from a subway store in Brighton, i had been given no clear indication that this cookie contained nuts. Luckily i am not allergic, I just dislike them, and this ruined my purchase as I was not given a refund. I thought maybe people who are allergic should be given clearer warnings. Upon further inspection i noticed that it said "some products may contain nuts" but this was not displayed clearly. I thought maybe for the benefit of nut allergy sufferers there should be clearer notcies put up.
Yours sincerely
Stuart Blackadder